Tiger Tales: Week Ahead

HELLO!! Welcome to the brand new LIVE Newsletter. We plan to keep this up to date with all of the events happening and engagement or volunteer opportunities coming up. 

This Week:

Short Week!

We have a Student and Staff Holiday coming up Friday. Enjoy Founders!! 

This Month:

PTA General Membership Meeting 4/30

Our April Meeting will be a big one. Please come to vote for your new board and hear about the Play it Safe lessons coming up from our Counselors. RSVP here:  Facebook Event

The curriculum used for these lessons comes from Play It Safe, a leading child abuse awareness and prevention program. The curriculum was reviewed by the district’s Student Health Advisory Committee and approved by the DSISD Board of Trustees. Each grade level has a developmentally appropriate lesson that is approximately 45 minutes long and includes a script to guide discussions before and after the video.  

PTA Board Elections Coming up!

The PTA Membership Elects a new board every year. Terms are one year, and can be held for only two max, so we have a number of board members who are either shifting roles or not seeking re-election. 

The slate should be out soon! 

If you have any questions about the PTA Board or the nominating process, please do not hesitate to email the Nominating Committee at nominations@csepta.org.


PTA Social and Play Date!

Save the Date: First Friday of every month! Next up: Friday May 3rd. Location Suds Monkey!

Hi CSE families!! We want an excuse to just hang out with y’all and let our kids play. Here’s to not having to cook dinner the First Friday of every month, nor listen to anyone say, “we’re bored!” We’ll be holding some tables near the playground. Join us to see some friendly faces or meet some new ones. See you then!!

Digital Calendar

We've created a digital calendar that you can add to your phone/computer calendar from here to keep you in the loop for all of the events and volunteer opportunities coming up at CSE.

We've also added a feed to the homepage of the CSE PTA Website to keep you updated there as well.