Habit Heroes!

About Habit Heroes

Calling all working parents! 🙌👨‍👩‍👧‍👦  We're thrilled to introduce a new initiative to allow you a unique insight into the happenings of your children’s school that we’re calling “Habit Heroes.” 🏫💕

Imagine a day away from work spent creating precious memories with your little ones in their school environment. ✨✏️ Similar to Tiger Dads, but open to all working parents, "Habit Heroes" are invited to join us in the magical world of their children's classrooms by assisting teachers with fun activities, bonding with your child and their friends, and gaining insights about the Leader in Me lessons being shared with our students.

💡 It's more than just a day off work – it's a chance to strengthen family-school connections and create unforgettable moments together! We hope you’ll join us in kicking off this exciting new program by attending the classroom volunteers training lesson on 9/17 at 3:00pm! We'll see you there.

Program Requirements

To become a Habit Hero, volunteers must: